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Jan 3, 2004
scariest day of my life.

omg, kay i wake up, eat, call jamie.. tell her i'll be therein like.. 15 minutes, n then i start my little adventure, but driving. now, i'm not a BAD driver, but i don't realy drive on snow, cuz my 'rents don't normally let me. ne ways, so i'm driving, and i take a right turn, and i like feel the tires slipping, but i'm like.. oh okay, one time won't hurt.. so i continue on my way.. and then i get to this one street, and started to slide in front of someone who was still driving, and i'm like goig nsideways on the road.. and i was mucho lucky that the guy that was close to hitting me stopped, so then i like started crying and gave up, and came back home. n i told my mom, and she's like. omg is the car okay.. roar. that's all people care about these days, is items. oh well, so then we went and picked up mer, and we go to skyview.. go to our game, play blah blah blah.. come home, go to the same movie i went to with crissy(cheaper by the dozen) isn't as good the second time. n then mer and leave, and we have like this big huge talk about crashing cars, and getting tickets and stuff, and yeah, it was cool, i guess? n then i came home, started doig my homework, n the computer shuts down.. i had like 10 pages outta the 11 down.. n so i like start freakig out.. get the computer back up, and working, and thank goodness.. it was like 'recovered' or i woulda fliped mucholy. haha. and.. thank you laura, for lending me your book, :] i needed it so much, and yeah. that's all fokes.

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Jan 2, 2004
clear mind

today, i woke up late [this is always a good thing], n got dressed n all that jazz.. n then i went to lunch with my daddy.. and they had like a magician there, it was really really funny, i haven't laughed that hard in mucho long time. then i came home.. and got some stuff figured out with someone. n thank goodness, it was what i wanted.. but i still kinda feel bad. then i dropped off some stuff at kyles.. but he wasn't there so i went to capital. umm.. then i had a soccer game, jamie jo made me be goalie for the first half.. oh boy, i'm not very good at that at all. haha yes! umm then in the second half i played forward.. we tied. dang. then mer gave me a ride to our basketball game.. we played timberline, we lost. it was close this time though, only like 7 point difference.

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Jan 1, 2004
happy new year

happy new year everyone! :], hope all your new years resolutions come true. last night i got grounded.. from driving n stuff.. haha; so, i stayed home, and watched some movies, ate pizza, and drank sparkeling cider. the whole thing.. can you believe that? kay i have more than one resolution that i made, n i want all of you guys to keep me to 'em
religion: not be ashamed of god, and go out of my way to show that god is in me.
sports: stay in shape throughout the year, have a healthy diet, losing fat n gaining muscle.
school: get a 4.0.
family: contribute more, and help around the house as much as i can.
I think that's all.. :/ hmm.. today i went skiing, and that was way fun, because there was so much snow, and it was just awesome. everyone in my family fell, and we normally don't, so.. ehh.. haha my daddy fell three times, and he hurt himself, so we had to go early. then i guess they shut it down later today, because of lightning or something like that.. i remember one time they had lightnining, and matt and jake hid me from the scary mark. haha goodtimes. anyways, umm, then we came home, watched football, i watched how to deal again, which is a really good movie, and it makes me less depressed, even though i'm not really.. it just helps i guess, knowing that someone goes through more shit than me. n i'm about to go to a movie, i'm not sure which one, but me and crissy are going, and i'm excited, because we haven't hung out, outside of church in forever, and she's like the coolest person ever. umm, i guess i'll update later, i really don't have anything extra to say.. oh btw, i think drinking is bad, and yes, i know people do it for fun, but i really don't care. ya'll can drink if you want.. but please don't do it because of something i do or say.. that's just messed up. kay thanks.

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